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Good service, better technology! -- after sale, we are serious

Editor:admin Time:2017-06-06 20:37
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April 13, Core power ushered in the second batch of 2017 dealer technical staff, to enhance after-sales service, technical training as the theme of the second phase of after-sales training began, After sales manager Bobo teacher will bring technical staff for the period 3 days of training course.

Next, a brief review of the training section:

(Bobo teacher vivid explanation)

Bobo teacher lectures on behalf of a very strong sense of intolerance cadence, passionate and generous, encounter problems provide a variety of solutions, and actively interact with the dealer technical staff, to their questions to ask patiently, and the theory and practice combined to accept training of technical staff are very useful.

(Training partners to listen carefully)

After sale, we are serious; after-sales training, we are heart. From the after-sales service process to the introduction of mechanical parts and practical operation, circuit-based and electric drive system parts, and then to the Core power hot models in the electronic control system works and practice, etc., this training content is rich and comprehensive, Designed to enhance the overall quality of after-sales service, the establishment of a comprehensive and thoughtful after-sales service system for customers to provide satisfactory, intentions of the service to ensure that customers worry-free car.

(Bobo teacher explained the working principle of electric drive system)

(Take pictures, go back and study)

In order to better serve the small partners, Core power After sale Department will continue to carry out after-sales service training, welcomed dealers throughout the country after-sales service partners to actively participate in, continue to learn, and strive to enhance after-sales technical skills for the end-user groups to provide better , Better quality after-sales service.